·         Quality – We don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. We are a quality firm that strives for excellence in all that we undertake. We have a number of quality processes in place to help us achieve excellence, such as designing in 3-D to give all team members a clearer picture of the end result and by running drawing check sets at appropriate project phases to give key team members the opportunity to offer their input. Another example of our quality processes is the “one-year review.” We conduct a final inspection within one year from the date your project is substantially completed to locate and correct construction flaws while your facility is still within the contractor’s one-year warranty period. We do this as an extra service to protect your interests and maximize the quality of your building. The bottom line is that we spend the time it takes to deliver first-class design and engineering on all of our projects. We also spend the money it takes to recruit and retain top-notch, high quality, talented people. We are committed to quality. It is our watchword. 


Benefit to You: A quality building.


  • Integrity - Quality projects evolve from a solid foundation of trust between all parties, especially between owner and architect. This entails more than just hard work. It involves earning your trust by following through, paying attention to the details and keeping our word. We are licensed architects, members of the National Architectural Registration Boards and LEED AP BD+C cretified. We stand by our word and we keep our promises.


Benefit to You: Peace of mind. You can rely on us to get the job done. If we say we will do it, you can rest assured that we will.


  • Reputation - Our reputation is impeccable. It is one of our most precious assets. It was not given to us; we earned it through years of doing the things we said we were going to do. As a result, we now have a large, highly satisfied customer base, many of whom are repeat customers and many of whom spread the word about our outstanding work because they had such a great experience with us. Many of our customers have gone as far as singing our praises in writing. We proudly display their letters in our front office at our corporate headquarters for all to witness.   


Benefit to You: Save time. You have found the perfect firm to design and engineer your project. You can trust that you are in good hands and have to look no further for a solution for your project.


·         Knowledge and Experience— We staff experienced, knowledgeable designers and engineers. Collectively we number over several hundred years of commercial architectural and engineering experience. We are “old timers” who have been around awhile. We have put a lot of buildings together in our day. We know what we are doing. We know how to design and construct a building to make it stand for millennia. We also track the latest design trends so we can make fresh recommendations to you and expertly design your vision.


Benefit to You: Save money. More experience yields fewer costly mistakes. 



·         Customer Service - Excellent customer service is our hallmark. We offer personalized, hands-on customer service by everyone assigned to your team, including the receptionist and president, on every project. We endeavor to cheerfully meet or exceed your expectations and to delight you with the spectacular building we design and oversee construction for. You will enjoy working with us. We love what we do.


Benefit to You: Enjoyable experiences working with us.  


·         Project Teams – Architecture is a team sport. We are big team players. Building quality projects takes teamwork. One way we deliver quality to you is by assembling the best, most knowledgeable teams possible and tailoring them to your project. We handpick our teams and staff them with knowledgeable, experienced, professional, top quality engineers. Our team members take pride in their work. Our associates are truly our greatest assets. We respect and value them highly.


Benefit to You: Relief. We will handle the tough stuff for you.


  • Communication — Ongoing communication is tantamount to running and delivering a top quality building to you. We keep in constant communication will all the players on a project, starting with you, our engineers, the contractor and the entire project team. Ongoing communication between all parties eliminates needless errors and costly mistakes due to miscommunication or lack of it.


Benefit to You: Fewer delays.


·         Follow Through - Designing the facility and producing construction documents comprise only part of our work. The other part consists of working closely with the contractor to oversee your building’s quality completion, while staying on time and in budget. This process involves us performing regular site inspections (construction administration) until your building is completed and being available to answer phone calls from the contractor as they arise on the job site. 


Benefit to You: Efficiency. If we said we would do it, you know that it will be done. You can go on to other things that need your attention.


·         Commitment – When we sign a contract with you, we are committing to you and your project. We will do what it takes to get the job done and turn you into a happy, satisfied, repeat customer. To achieve that, we are committed to delivering to you top quality engineering and design and to exceeding your expectations.


Benefit to You: Happiness. Your showcase gets designed and built meeting or exceeding your expectations.


·         The Extra Mile – We go the extra mile to make you happy and deliver your project on time and in budget. It’s written in our company mission statement to strive to exceed your expectations, not just meet them. Everyone on our team is committed to that and will go that extra mile to do whatever it takes to get your job done. 


Benefit to You: Satisfaction.


·         Value Engineering – We know your resources are precious to you, so we strive to attain the highest quality in your building at the lowest possible price to you on every project. As such, we actively practice value engineering on every project. Value engineering involves working closely with you and the contractor to select less expensive building materials without sacrificing quality. For example, after designing a modern office building, we worked with the owner to change the manufacturer of the windows that the contractor had selected. This action resulted in saving the owner thousands of dollars for more expensive windows, but achieved the same level of quality by merely using a different window manufacturer.


Benefit to You: Increased profitability. 


·         High-tech - Every workstation in our firm is networked with a state-of-the-art, large capacity, central server for easy communication and job file access. The server creates instantaneous data and file storage backups 24/7 to prevent information loss. This backup process ensures that large drawing files are archived for future use, should we need them. We use high speed, T-1 connectivity for accelerated information exchange. Our new, high-tech web site,, also gives you and our project teams fast, easy upload and download capability, thus saving long emailing and travel times to transfer files from one person to the other. We design in 3-D and create your building plans in AutoCAD. We often create 3-D color renderings to crystallize your design visually and to give you the chance to change the final design before you commit the money to build it. You can also use them to influence banks, buyers, potential clients, investors, governmental agencies, real estate agents, the community and more in your marketing and capital campaigns.   


Benefits to You: Timeliness and cutting edge design and building functionality.


·         One-stop Shop  – As your one-stop shop, HRH offers full-spectrum, turnkey architectural, engineering and interior design services. We manage your project from conception through completion. We help with site selection. We perform the master planning. We design your building. We put the nuts and bolts together. We create and coordinate all of the engineering plans required to obtain the building permit for your project, including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. We value engineer your project with the contractor to obtain the highest quality building materials at the lowest cost to you. We conduct site inspections to oversee construction integrity and quality and to administer your timeline, budget, and contract with the contractor. We perform the interior design for your project and purchase the furniture and other interior décor. Whatever special nuances your project requires, we will expertly guide you through the entire building process and answer all your questions. You don’t need to go elsewhere or deal with multiple shops. We do it all. We are your single source for quality design and engineering know-how. 


Benefit to You: Ease.


·         Size and Capacity - We are a national company and have worked in numerous geographies, especially in the northern, southern and eastern United States. We have the size, experience and the capacity to get your job done right. We are willing to travel, design and oversee construction wherever your new project take us. 


Benefit to You: Effectiveness.


·         ROI – Return on investment (ROI) is the bottom line. The features and benefits of our company that set us apart translate into greater tangible benefits to you, saving you time, money, hassles, stress and so on, thereby increasing your bottom line.


Benefits to You: More money in your pocket and higher satisfaction at the end of the day.

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