As your one-stop shop, HRH offers full-spectrum, turnkey architectural, engineering and interior design services. We manage your project from conception through completion. We help with site selection. We perform the master planning. We help you obtain variances and win zoning issues. We design your building. We put the nuts and bolts together. We make the building stand. We create and coordinate all of the engineering plans required to obtain the building permit for your project, including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. We value engineer your project with the contractor to obtain the highest quality building materials at the lowest cost to you. We conduct site inspections to review construction and administer your timeline, budget, and contract with the contractor. We perform the space planning and interior design for your project, as well as purchase the furniture and other interior décor. We can even expedite your project through governmental agencies to obtain your building permit as rapidly as possible.


Smart architects can save you lots of headaches, stress and money on your projects. Mediocre architects can cost you millions. We did not become the architect of choice for thousands of clients by being mediocre. Clients choose us and keep coming back to us because we are smart, talented, well educated, knowledgeable, experienced, effective and because we get the job done to their satisfaction. We are creative problem-solvers, who do not back away in the face of adversity. Instead, we deliver workable, realistic, win-win solutions, not excuses, to challenges.


We are professionals. We offer our clients a high standard of quality and excellent service in conjunction with a track record that is unsurpassed. We have a great deal to offer you and your future projects. We can design your vision. We are agile and responsive to your needs. We can fast track your projects and power them through. Our excellent and diverse track record bears out that we can expertly meet your needs


Whatever special nuances your project requires, we expertly guide you through the entire building process and answer all your questions. You don’t need to go elsewhere or deal with multiple shops. We do it all. We are your single source for spectacular design and engineering know-how.