Our President is a licensed, registered architect, a member of the National Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and is LEED AP BD+C acredited and member of the U.S. Green Building Council.
He has been practicing commercial architecture for over 26 years and actively directs and participates in all aspects of design and construction. Our large portfolio includes projects our firm has completed under Mr. Boatman’s attentive direction.


Through the years we have found that quality projects evolve from a solid foundation of trust between all parties, especially between owner and architect. This entails more than just hard work. It requires putting together a team who shares your vision and who communicates with each other.


No person is an island. Building quality projects takes teamwork. The architect is the “quarterback” of your project team. He has the knowledge and the answers. He creates the winning strategy. He runs the plays and tells the team what to do and when. He is responsible to you for his team’s performance. To that end, our commitment and responsibility to you is to assemble the best, most knowledgeable teams possible and to tailor them to your project.


Our experienced staff has been trained to meet the requirements and highest expectations of our clients for the past two decades. Our team leaders are licensed architects and our handpicked teams are extremely experienced in designing commercial facilities of all types and genres. They are trained to work within your budget and timeline, while delivering world-class customer service. Our teams are both experienced and effective. They will power your projects through.