Commercial architects are licensed, professional engineers, who design, engineer and oversee building construction. The architect’s role is also to oversee or “quarterback” a team of specialists dedicated to your project, such as:


·        Civil Engineers

·        Surveyors

·        Geo-technical Engineers

·        Structural Engineers

·        Mechanical Engineers

·        Electrical Engineers

·        Plumbing Engineers

·        Interior Designers

·        Kitchen Specialists

·        Sound Specialists

·        Roofing Specialists

·        Landscape Architects


Their charge is to design functional, aesthetically pleasing facilities that flow with their surrounding environments, while protecting the welfare and safety of the public at large by ensuring that:


·        Your building stands

·        Your building is protected with sprinkler systems, egress corridors, rated walls, etc.


Additionally, our basic job as your architect always remains the same:


We act as your (the owner’s) representative in all matters relating to the design and construction of your facility, seeing to the details so that the final product meets or exceeds your expectations.


You need an architect for your project if you are:


·        Building a new building for public use

·        Renovating an existing building for public use

·        Changing the layout of an interior space for public use

·        Considering developing a LEED Certified Project


When you are thinking of starting a new project, it is wise to bring HRH on board as soon as possible to assist you with developing your building program, site selection, master planning and Phase I Due Diligence. Our professional advice and knowledge can save you lots of time, stress, money and headaches upfront and throughout a project, especially if you contact us during the early phases.