This page is for customers and engineers working with HRH Architects, Inc., to be able to upload and download project documents with the architect.

In order to secure the documents of our client's projects we house them on a separate server that remains off-line except when transfer of files are requested.

To upload or download a project on our secure server please call HRH Architects at 770-640-8802 and request a time for the download. At the appropriate time come to this page and click on
(Customer Login). When the login page comes up input the user name and password supplied by HRH Architects, Inc. to you.

This will transport you into the appropriate site where your documents are located. No one except your team will be able to access your dedicated directory.

Download Directions - After you login left click on the file you want. It will ask you where to save the file and automatically start downloading it.

Upload Directions - Click the browse button on top of your page. Search your computer for the files you want to upload then click the upload button.  Our server will not accept .exe upload files. All other files including .zip files are acceptable.